Free letter of reprimand 01Free letter of reprimand 01
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Example of an Employee Letter of Reprimand
Disclaimer: Please note that this employee letter of reprimand example is
for discussion purposes. Prior to incorporating it – or one like it – into your
business’ human resources forms library, please be sure to consult an
employment attorney for legal advice.

Employee name
Job title


Supervisor name
Job title


Date on which the reprimand is presented to the employee


Written Reprimand

 You are receiving a written reprimand for (copy the reason verbatim
from the employee manual), which was discussed during today’s
coaching session with you and (names of supervisor/s) present.
 Prior to today, and in keeping with the employee manual, you have
received previous verbal and/or written warnings related to this
infraction. The dates of these occurrences were:
 Since the last time of being coached/warned about (enter infraction),
you have failed on ___ occasions to