Free loan agreement template 27Free loan agreement template 27Free loan agreement template 27
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Agreement Number: __________
Agreement date: ______________

This loan agreement is commenced between:
Name: ____________________________
Address: __________________________
Phone Number: _____________________

hereinafter referred as the Lender

Name: ___________________________
Address: _________________________
Phone Number: __________________

Hereinafter referred as the Borrower

LOAN AMOUNT. The Lender promises to loan the equivalent of______________ Dollars
($_________), to the Borrower and the Borrower promises to reply this principal amount to
the Lender, at such address as may be provided in writing.
PAYMENT. This agreement, (the “Note”), shall be due and payable, including the
principal and any accrued interest, in one of the following ways:
☐ Once per week beginning on ______________, 20____ and to continue every seven
(7) days until the balance is paid.
☐ Once per month beginning on ______________, 20____ and payment is due on the
___ of every month unti