Free llc operating agreement template 14Free llc operating agreement template 14Free llc operating agreement template 14
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Example – Short Version

_______________________________ LLC

THIS OPERATING AGREEMENT is made as of ___________, 201_ between the persons executing this
Operating Agreement as members of the Company, and all of those who shall later be admitted as
members (individually, a "Member," and collectively, the "Members") who agree as follows:


Formation. The Company has been organized as a Michigan limited liability company
pursuant to the Michigan Limited Liability Company Act, as amended (the "Act") by the filing of Articles
of Organization ("Articles") with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs of the State of
Michigan as required by the Act.

Name. The name of the Company is __________________ LLC. The Company may also
conduct its business under one or more assumed names.

Purposes. The purpose of the Company is to engage in any activity for which limited
liability companies may be formed under the Act, including withou