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Liblicense Model License Agreement with Commentary
This Liblicense Model License Agreement (“LMLA”) has been prepared to assist
information professionals, executives, and others who regularly acquire digital content
in a library or similar setting. The intent of this LMLA is to present a sound and realistic
template of the key issues involved in negotiating a license to acquire or use digital
The LMLA may be used as a template for a license or as a reference document that
assists professionals in negotiating (or preparing to negotiate) digital content license
agreements. While the LMLA may be used in most digital content licensing situations, it
has been drafted with a particular focus on licensing issues in higher education. The
language is optimized for digital content received on a subscription basis. The LMLA’s
terms and conditions are based on United States common and statutory law, and
references to U.S. law should be changed if used in other jurisdictions.