Free license agreement template 12Free license agreement template 12Free license agreement template 12
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Template software licence agreement
User notes
This is a simple licensor friendly B2B
licence agreement that may be used for
basic software licensing. It also includes
basic support services for the software, to
be provided by the licensor for a fee.
The terms are standard, although (as
indicated above) they are more
favourable to the licensor. However, they
are not one-sided and this template
should remove the need for lengthy
If the software is complex, high
value/high risk, relies on third party or
open source software, or requires
additional services to be provided (that
should be addressed in the licence
agreement), you should use an
agreement that addresses the risk
issues for each of those circumstances.

using this template
The User Notes and the statements in
the footer (all marked in red) are included
to assist you to prepare this document.
They are for reference only. You should

delete all user notes and the
statements in the footer from the final
form of your