Free letter of reprimand 48Free letter of reprimand 48Free letter of reprimand 48
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FORM 39:

Letter of Reprimand to a Licensed Individual

Mr.(Ms.) (Name)
UNDER 10 CFR 2.390]

(NRC Inspection Report No(s). XX-XXX/YY-NN)
[If applicable, add "and (Investigation Report No(s). X-XXXX-XXX)"]

Dear Mr. (Ms.) (Name) :
This refers to the inspection (investigation) conducted on (date(s)) at the (plant name or
company name) facility located in (City, State) . [At a minimum, the narrative that follows should
include a description of relevant events, facts, or circumstances that substantiate issuing the
LOR. This description should reference relevant inspection reports, OI reports, previous
correspondence, or enforcement conferences.]
[This section should include a discussion of enforcement action, if any, that was taken against
the facility licensee. If an enforcement action was issued to the facility, a copy should be
[This section should include a reminder of an NRC licensed Reactor Operator's responsibilities,
e.g., "