Free letter of reprimand 41
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STATE AND CONSUMER SERVICES AGENCY- Departme11t of Co11s11mer Affairs

EDMUND G. BROWN JR., Govertior

Executive Office
July 30, 2018

Joanne Halbrecht, M.D.
3000 Center Green Drive, Suite 150
Boulder, CO 80301-2364


Physician's and Surgeon's Certificate No. G 137274
Case No. 800-2018-043462
Public Letter of Reprimand

In January 2016, while practicing in Boulder, Colorado, you performed a: left knee arthroscopy,
partial medial meniscectomy, arthroscopic lateral release and open distal patella realignment on a 25year old female patient. Surgery was uneventful and counts were reported to be correct.
Approximately nine hours after being discharged from the surgery center, the patient presented to the
emergency department ("ED") with complaints of knee pain and bleeding through her incision
dressing. Radiographs revealed a retained guide pin from the surgery, and patient underwent removal
of the retained object in the ED. After this occurred, you learned s