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Written Reprimand

Webb County Civil Service
Employee Information
Employee Name:
Employee ID:

Job Title:

Dept. Head:


Disciplinary Action
This is a written reprimand issued to you in accordance with §13.1 of the Webb County Civil Service Rules and

Type of Offense(s)
You are being reprimanded because of the following misconduct, act, omission, or failure to perform duties::

Corrective Action Required
You must take the following corrective action in response to this written reprimand:

Additional Information
If you do not take the corrective action set forth above, further, more severe, disciplinary action will be taken against
A copy of this Written Reprimand will be placed in your personnel file.

Acknowledgement of Receipt
By signing this form, you confirm that you understand this Written Reprimand. Signing this form does not necessarily indicate
that you agree with matters set forth herein.

Employee Signature


Department Head/Supervis