Free Sublease Agreement Template 41
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This sublease agreement is a contract to be used by a tenant to lease a portion or the entire premises they are renting to a third
party for the remainder or even a portion of the remaining lease term. This form will help to ensure both parties understand
the agreement of terms set by each party and can help prevent many conflicts that may arise.

Sample Sublease Agreement
Terms of Sublease:
The subtenant _______________________________________ agrees to rent the property located at _________
_______________________________ from the tenant __________________________________________.
The subtenant shall rent the property from the ________ day of ___________________ until the _______ day of
________________________. When the subtenant leaves the premises it shall be clean and in good repair.
The subtenant also agrees to pay a security deposit of $_____________________ on ________________________
____________________________. This security deposit shall be returned minus any damages or un