Free Sublease Agreement Template 25Free Sublease Agreement Template 25
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ILLINOIS SUBLEASE AGREEMENT: This is an agreement to sublet real property according to the
terms below:
Lessee (original tenant)
Sublessee (person(s) moving in)
and the Lessor (landlord)


the period beginning

and ending on

for the

premises located at


of (check one):

County of ______________, Illinois. Sublease is for possession

☐ entire rental unit or ☐

% of the rental unit under the following terms:

1. Sublessee shall pay the total sum of $


as rent for the sublease term, in installments of

due to the (check one) ☐ Lessor

Lessee on

2. Lessee shall pay the remainder of the rent for the term to the (check one) ☐ Lessor
installments of $
3. Sublessee shall pay a $

☐ Sublessee in

damage deposit to (check one) ☐ Lessor or ☐ Lessee on or before
, 20


4. A joint inspection of the premises shall be conducted by Lessee and Sublessee, recording in writing, with
copies for both Lessee and Sublessee, any damage or deficiencies that exist at the start o