Free Sublease Agreement Template 01Free Sublease Agreement Template 01
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Studierendenwerk Stuttgart hereby confirms to the Main Tenant, that he/she is entitled to
sublet the
Room No. _______________________________ / Roof Deck No. _________________________________
within the housing complex _______________________________________________________________
during the time from __________________________________ to ________________________________
for € __________________ per month.
Rent is to be paid to the Main Tenant directly.

Please note the following:

The rent must not be higher than the rent charged by the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.
The room must not be rented to more than one person.
You must not charge a fee / rent for the roof deck.

Signature Janitor

Signature Main Tenant

Sublease agreement between the main Tenant:
Name: ____________________ First name: ____________________ Tenant number: ______________
Phone / mobile: ___________________________