Free security deposit return letter 50
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Maharishi University of Management
Enrollment Center • Fairfield, Iowa 52557

This form is to be completed by students who would like to request the processing of the refund
of their Security Deposit, at the time of departure from the University.
Name: ________________________________ Student I.D.#: _________________________
Reason for departure from M.U.M.: ________________________(graduating or withdrawing)
Address to be used for mailing the Security Deposit Refund:
Street: _________________________________________________________
City: _______________________ State: _______
Country: ____________________ Postal Code: ____________

Did you ever live on campus at M.U.M.? _____________________________________
If yes, Building: ___________ Room: _______ Date leaving room: ___________________
(Housing Departure Form should have been completed when moving off campus and is
required for this refund.)
Signature of
Locksmith: ___________________________Date: _____