Free security deposit return letter 31Free security deposit return letter 31Free security deposit return letter 31
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Where should we send your security deposit check?

How would you like to receive the security deposit check?
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY and choose only one option
You are on a joint & several lease which means by default, ONE check will be issued with all tenant(s)
names, unless otherwise specified. Every tenant on the lease must fill out a security deposit check return
form. In order to process your security deposit properly this form should be returned to the leasing office no
later than July 14, 2017. Although it is ideal, not everyone on the lease needs to fill out the same form,
however EVERYONE must agree to the same option. Filling out the same form avoids communication errors
between roommates.
Listed below are the options available of how you can receive your security deposit check.
Option A: Receive 1 check with only 1 check issued in ALL tenant(s) names. Electing this option means
everyone will need to sign the check in order for it to be cashed