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Department of Housing and Residence Life
Roommate Agreement Worksheet
In completing this agreement, the residents of this room have already reviewed A Guide to Creating a Positive
Roommate Relationship and agree to establish a positive living environment. Each roommate agrees to abide by the
terms and conditions established in the same manner as the housing policies published in the student handbook. In
the event that the terms and conditions of this agreement have not been honored, we will seek to resolve the matter
with each other, and if necessary, seek the support of a Residence Life staff member.

We agree to the following behavior
while a roommate is sleeping:

____Lights off
____ on
____TV/music off ____ on
____Computer off ____ on

____Small light on
____Low volume
____Sound off

The following times are acceptable for study:
Weekdays: start_______________ end_______________
Weekends: start_______________ end_______________
The following times are acceptable for