Free roommate agreement template 28Free roommate agreement template 28Free roommate agreement template 28
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Housemate Agreement
This is a legally binding contract among:
____________________________________, Roommate 1
____________________________________, Roommate 2
____________________________________, Roommate 3
____________________________________, Roommate 4
who are, or anticipate being, roommates at the premisesat ________________________.
1. This agreement is to determine the rights and responsibilities of all those dwelling at this
property. Its purpose is to bind them all to the responsibilities set forth herein and to the
shares of the costs set forth below. The responsibility for payments is enforceable under this
2. Any changes to this document must be done in a written addendum signed by all parties.
Consideration is the exchange of promises contained in this agreement and the parties’
agreement to live together and share expenses.
3. All parties are aware that the property mentioned above has is rented for the amount