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Roommate Add Request Form Instruction Sheet
The purpose of the Roommate Add Request Form is to request the addition of a roommate to an existing lease.
The new roommate will be added to the existing lease term and the two roommates will become legally
responsible (jointly and severally liable) for the apartment for the duration of the lease or until one roommate is
released from the lease or both roommates terminate the lease agreement. The new roommate must meet
eligibility requirements for the University Apartments by being one of the following:
• Enrolled Graduate Student
• Post Doc
• Faculty
• Academic Staff
Instructions for filling out the form:
Apartment Address: Write in the apartment community name, number and letter of the apartment.
(For example: Eagle Heights 101A)
Name: Print the name of the person currently residing in the apartment in the first column. Print the name of
the person who is requesting to be added to the lease in the column to the right.
ID Number: Write in e