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Sample Roommate Contract
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The following is an agreement made between the roommates of (address of property) in (city). The contract will hold power beginning on the first day of the lease and
ending on the last day of the lease or upon termination by all roommates.
I. The roommates agree to split all bills equally when all roommates occupy the premises during the term of payment.
a. During extended breaks, such as summer and winter breaks, all roommates will pay the fixed bills such as rent and cable/internet.
b. Roommates occupying the property over the breaks for will be responsible for paying the variable bills (i.e. gas, electric, and water/sewage) based on usage.
c. In the event that no roommate occupies the property over a break, all roommates will be responsible for all bills equally.
II. The following people will be responsible for submitting payment for their respective bill on time, notifying the other roommates