Free roommate agreement template 23Free roommate agreement template 23Free roommate agreement template 23
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Sample Roommate Agreement
for Alberta Renters
Why do you need a written Roommate Agreement?
A written agreement helps you avoid having problems with your Roommates. Usually when you rent an
apartment or house, there will be a written lease between the Landlord and the Roommates, but that lease
does not explain how the Roommates are going to live together. A Roommate Agreement states how the
Roommates will share the responsibilities of renting. For example, if you and your Roommate(s) have a
lease with your Landlord, that lease will tell you the total amount of rent that is owed to your Landlord.
Your Roommate Agreement should then state how much of the rent each Roommate is responsible for
paying, how the rent will be paid to the Landlord, and who will pay the Landlord.
Also, Alberta’s Residential Tenancies Act sets out the responsibilities and duties that a Landlord has to the
tenant(s), and the tenants have to the Landlord. The legislation does not directly address the Roommate