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The Roommate Agreement
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Perhaps the greatest advantage of residence hall living is the opportunity to live and work closely with all types of
people. The key to getting to know your roommate and getting along with them is communication; it’s difficult to
get to know one another without talking to each other.
The university has some basic expectations, which govern the special nature of interpersonal relationships in the
residence halls. These are reasonable expectations that students should have for one another while sharing
space in the residence halls. The Residence Hall Bill of Rights outlines these expectations.
Each student choosing to live on-campus at UNL has . . .

The right to sleep during the night undisturbed.

The right to study in one’s room free of noise and distractions during quiet hours.

The right of access to one’s room and facilities at all times.

The right to feel secure against physical or emotional harm.

The right to a clean r