Free roommate agreement template 15Free roommate agreement template 15Free roommate agreement template 15
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Roommates 101
Why should you fill this out?
We know what you’re probably thinking. You think you have better things to do than answer a whole bunch of questions that DON’T affect your
GPA at all. You think you probably know everything about roommates. But for many of the students living on campus, it’s their first time sharing a
room with someone, and learning to live with other adults is an important skill to learn as a college student. Conflict may be inevitable, but what
counts is how you respond to it. This guide will help you figure out how to handle this conflict. Plus, you know, it may actually be a good idea to
talk to your roommate(s) to see how he/she/they feel about the room. Who knows? You might make a friend in the process!

What’s in this packet?
My Personal Preferences form (to fill out before meeting with
your roommate(s)
Roommate Agreement (insert to be filled out and signed by all
Conflict Do’s & Don’ts (something to help if things get rough)

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