Free roommate agreement template 09Free roommate agreement template 09
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Roommate Contract
We have signed a lease at

All roommates will share the responsibilities of renting as outlined below. It is for this reason that we are signing this
I. Roommates
The roommates of the above rental unit are:
II. Terms
This agreement is to begin on _______________ for a term lasting from _____________ to _____________.
I fully understand and accept the rules and responsibilities of this agreement.
III. Security Deposit
The security deposit for the rental dwelling is a total of $
Roommate #1
will pay $
Roommate #2
will pay $
Roommate #3
will pay $
Each roommate is responsible for charges associated with the damages he/she or his/her guests cause. All other
charges will be split amongst all roommates. The amounts will be paid back upon return of the security deposit 21
days after we move out.
IV. Rent
Total rent amount for the rental dwelling is $__________________________________________.
Roommate #1
will pay $