Free roommate agreement template 08Free roommate agreement template 08Free roommate agreement template 08
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[NOTE: Boulder City Ordinance restricts the number of persons who may legally reside in a rental unit to 3 unrelated
persons in a low-density zoning area or 4 unrelated persons in a high-density zoning area. However, certain properties
may be exempt from these limitations based upon zoning variances or the age of the property. You are encouraged to
check with the City of Boulder Zoning Office at 303-441-3270 to determine what the legal occupancy limit is for your
specific rental property.]

This Roommate Agreement is made by the following parties (hereafter “the Roommates”) for the
rental property located at ______________________________ (hereinafter “the Residence”) for
the time period from ____________ to ____________. The total amount of rent for the
Residence each month is $ _____________ and the Roommates also have previously paid a
security deposit to the landlord of $ ______________. The Roommates agree that they are each
responsible for their proportionate s