Free Rental Application Template 30Free Rental Application Template 30Free Rental Application Template 30
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THIS AGREEMENT made this _____ Day of _________, ______, by and
between _________________., herein called “Landlord,” and
________________________ and ________________________, herein called
“Tenant.” Landlord hereby agrees to rent to Tenant the dwelling located at
____________________________________________________ under the
following terms and conditions.
Tenants agree to lease this dwelling for a fixed term of ____________,
beginning ____________ and ending ____________. Upon expiration, this
Agreement shall become a month-to-month agreement AUTOMATICALLY,
UNLESS either Tenants or Owners notify the other party in writing at least 30
days prior to expiration that they do not wish this Agreement to continue on
any basis.
2. RENT:
Tenant agrees to pay Landlord as base rent the sum of $_________ per
month, due and payable monthly in advance on the 1 st day of each month
during the term of this agreement. The first month’s rent is requ