Free Rental Application Template 20Free Rental Application Template 20
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General Rental Agreement

This agreement for property rental is made between two parties named as Party 1
and Party 2.
Party 1 is referred to as: {First Party Name and Address}
Party 2 is referred to as: {Second Party Name and Address}
Both parties are agreed to abide by the following terms of references.
1. Services: Beginning at {Starting Date} 2nd Party will provided stated property to
Party One. Details of property along with photocopies of original documents are
attached herewith.
2. Payment and Terms: First Party acknowledges that the first 30 day rental fee is
$____. First Party also acknowledges that the staging services fee includes delivery,
set-up, de-staging and all labor of Staging Project Manager and assistants. Client
will pay the staging services and rental fee in full on installation. Client will be billed
at 50% of the initial rental fee for each successive 30 day period, in the amount of
$_______Credit card number must be on file prior to take over.
The rental fees f