Free agency agreement 08Free agency agreement 08Free agency agreement 08
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International Students Recruitment Agency Agreement

Ontario International College (hereinafter referred to as Party A) and ___________________
(hereinafter referred to as Party B) have reached the following agreement after serious
discussions concerning the recruitment of international students by Party B on behalf of and for
the courses and programs of Party A (“the College”) in ___________(Name of a
country/territory/jurisdiction) and its peripheral regions (“Territory”):


Obligatons ‐ Party A

Party A shall devote major efforts to support Party B in recruiting and enrolling students
to the courses and programs of Party A and hereby commits itself to the following

(1) Provide Party B with the registration and accreditation documentation issued by
Canadian Educational and Immigration Authorities;

(2) Provide Party B with textual, graphic, audio and video materials presenting the
products and services of Party A;

(3) Issue Certificate of Authorization in favour of