Free agency agreement 05Free agency agreement 05Free agency agreement 05
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Version: 2017-001

May 30,

This template is provided by the Council for RCICs’ consideration and use when
drafting an Agent Agreement. It is NOT meant to be used "as is". It must be completed
with the actual terms and conditions of the business arrangement between a RCIC and
his/her Agent.

Agent Agreement Template
This Agent Agreement is made this ___ day of _________, 201_, between RCIC
_________________ [insert RCIC name] (the “RCIC”), located at
______________________________________ [insert business address] and
Agent____________ __________________________________________ [insert
Agent/Company name] (the “Agent”), located at
_____________________________________________________________ [insert business
WHEREAS the RCIC and the Agent wish to enter into a written agreement
which contains the agreed upon terms and conditions upon which the
Agent will provide his/her services to the RCIC for their mutual benefit;