Free Balanced Scorecard Template 26Free Balanced Scorecard Template 26Free Balanced Scorecard Template 26
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Public Contact Collaboration:
Balanced Scorecard Performance Framework


Strategic objectives
(Strategic Layer)

Primary drivers
(Tactical Layer)

(Operational Layer)

The Public Contact dashboard is clearly linked to the
key strategic objectives of the three Forces
This will drive alignment of the KPI’s to specific

A Balanced scorecard provides a
performance and what is importa
A simple and clear link to strat
benefit realisation

These are the specific drivers which underpin the
strategic objectives
Drivers provide an understanding of the critical
components within the specific area of performance that
must be managed

Focus on critical components on
No more than 25 key drivers link
Include both quantitative and qu
balance quality and outcomes

Standard set of measures across the operating model
Enables managers to measure, monitor and control
Drives action

Include only meaningful measure
Measures must be actionable an