Free Balanced Scorecard Template 20Free Balanced Scorecard Template 20Free Balanced Scorecard Template 20
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Metrics Selection and Reporting Template

This tool has been designed as a reporting template for IT metrics. Use the Data Entry tab along the bottom of this spreads
metrics menu. This table provides space to enter and track the metrics that are measured within the IT department on a mo
template can be adjusted as needed to support more or less metrics, and the reporting timeframe can be customized.

The majority of the suggested metrics in Tab 2 are calculated in Info-Tech's MeasureIT gadget. If the organization does not
metrics and is looking for a method of calculating these measurements, a visit to MeasureIT is highly recommended. This
be used to report the metrics that come out of MeasureIT. Use the links below to access the MeasureIT Benchmarking for S
Staffing Metrics and Benchmarking
IT Budget Metrics and Benchmarking

Sample methods of graphing and reporting have been included on Tab 3 and Tab 4. Please note that these exhibits have b
manually and are simply examples