Free Balanced Scorecard Template 17Free Balanced Scorecard Template 17Free Balanced Scorecard Template 17
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*TESDA LEADS JOBS, NEW JOBS, MORE JOBS Strategic Management Template Y2008-2010
TESDA VALUE PROPOSITION: Enhancing the competitiveness of industries and enterprises through the effective
matching of skilled worker and technician competencies to labor market demands
MATCH Perspective
How do we strike a match
between the TVET graduate
and the job vacancy?
Where and how would the
matching process be most
Who would be involved in the
matching process?
How would we know that this
is the case?
TRAIN Perspective
How do we convince the
learners to go TVET?
What type of occupation and
in what PTQF qualification
should they train?
What TVET programs are to be
added or phased out to make
TVET relevant and cost-effective?
FIND Perspective
Where are the learners?
What is their demographic
What are their vocational
aptitudes and inclinations?
In barangay are their
numbers most significant?
SEEK Perspective
Where are the job opportunities?
Who are the investors and