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Name of [your Company]
Letter signer
Address of Company
City, State, Zip
Verify Team
2000 Traverwood Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Dear Verify Team:
The purpose of this letter is to identify [your Company]’s authorized users of the US EPA’s
Verify system. [your Company]’s EPA manufacturer code is [XXX] and this letter concerns the
[list those that apply] industry(ies).
I acknowledge that the individual(s) listed below and whose contact information is shown in the
enclosure work(s) for [your Company] and is authorized to submit documents on [your
Company]’s behalf and perform the other functions as indicated. I further attest that we have
validated that all users possess a valid current primary Government Picture ID, that the IDs have
been inspected to compare picture to applicant, that we have recorded the ID number and issuer
as well as the address and Date of Birth on the ID, and that we will keep a record of the above
information for a