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Authorisation Letter


City University of Hong Kong

Dear Sir/Madam,


(full name)


(CityU student number)

hereby authorise

(programme code)

(name of the person)

(HKID or Passport no.)

to apply/collect on my behalf the *award certificate/_________________ academic transcript(s)/
(no. of copies)

________________________ testimonial(s)/ _______________________ certification letter(s)/
(no. of copies)

(no. of copies)

others: ______________________________________.
A photocopy of my *Student ID Card/HKID Card/Passport is attached for your verification and
it will be returned to my representative after inspection.
My representative understands that * he/she will be required to produce * his/her HKID card or
passport for identification and record purposes when applying/collecting the said document(s) on
my behalf.
I also confirm that my representative shall have the authority to sign for acknowledgement of the
receipt of the said document(s). I understand that I shall