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Recipients Name
19200 C, Raven Street
690, Hawks Bay
Mobile, AB – 88888
Mar 13, 2014
The Manager
444, Reagan Boulevard
Mobile, AB - 88888
Sub: Authority letter for _____________
To whom it may concern,
I, the undersigned, have been a patron of your bank since 2006. I have
opened a recurring deposit account and a saving account with your bank
during that period. The details of which are enclosed herewith this letter.
I hereby authorize Melinda Lee, my sister, to act in all matters necessary with
regards to both my accounts. I guarantee my full consent with regards to this
authorization. I am enclosing the proof of my identity for confirmation of my
relation to Melinda Lee, along with my account statements for the previous two
In need of further contact, with regards to further verification or clarification,
please feel free to reach me at my [email protected], this is
the verified email linked to the accounts I hold with you.
Thanking you,