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Mr. Roger Merino, 45/7 Cool Apartments
Middle Lane Square
Ontario 657687
Ms. Ellice Recon
Green Valley Properties
657 South West Roads
Morris Square
Ontario 657687
Date: 00 May, 0000
Subject: Authorization Letter to Claim
Dear Ms. Recon
I, Roger Merino, hereby authorize my wife, Rossi Merino, to make decisions regarding
properties and sign the documents and fill the forms on my behalf. She will also claim my check
and other land related documents from your office on my behalf. I am also sending my two
identity proofs for identification purposes.
I have asked her to verify all the documents and collect the check from your office on 00
January, 0000. You are requested to allow her complete access to the above mentioned grounds.
Feel free to contact me on 000-0000-000 for any further clarifications needed.
Thank you very much.
Respectfully yours
Roger Merino