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Building Name: Indoor Air Quality Baseline Audit Report
I. Introduction
An indoor air quality (IAQ) baseline audit was performed on [Date] at [Building Name] to identify
and remedy potential indoor air quality problems.
II. Background
The LEED project team assigned [Name] to be the IAQ Manager responsible for conducting the
audit. S/He and other members of the engineering team are responsible for communicating about
IAQ-related issues with building occupants. [Name] reviewed the modules of EPA’s “Indoor Air
Quality Building Education and Assessment Model (I-BEAM)”, including:
 Fundamentals of IAQ in Buildings
 Training Supervisors and Staff
 Diagnosing and Solving Problems
 Establishing Written Plans and Protocols
 Renovation and New Construction
 Establishing a Communications
 Managing for Indoor Air Quality
The LEED consultant also provided educational training on I-BEAM audit principles, approach,
and benefits prior to commencing the audits.
III. Audit Procedure
The I