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Auditor’s report
(Example only)
________________________________Co-operative Limited (insert name of co-operative)
To the members,
In my/our opinion:
1. The accompanying financial report is/is not (delete where not applicable) properly drawn up in
accordance with the provisions of the Co-operatives National Law (Victoria), including:
a. giving a true and fair view of:
i. the state of affairs of the co-operative at ________________ (insert date) and of the
results and cash flows of the co-operative for the period/year ended on that date; and
ii. the other matters required by Section 283 of the Co-operatives National Law (Victoria)
to be dealt with in the financial statements; and
b. complying with applicable Accounting Standards and other mandatory professional reporting
2. The accounting records and other records, and the registers required by the Act to be kept by the cooperative have/have not (delete where not applicable) been properly kept in accordance with the