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Audit Report

Audit Report

in the framework
of the APIC Audit Programme

Subject of Audit

Audit Date(s)
Auditor (lead)
primary audit
Signature of Auditor(s)

Lead Auditor


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Audit Report

1. Management


Purpose/scope of audit

Number of observations (critical, major, other)

Executive summary

Overview of main Strengths
Overview of main high risks area’s

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Audit Report
2. General information
2.1 Give an overview of the company and site such as whether it is part of
another group, its ownership, how the company was formed, previous site
names, age of the site, what is the nature of the sites business and how many
APIs, intermediates, starting materials and raw materials are manufactured,
site size and the number of staff employed in total and for the specific
products being audited and other specific product related information e.g. if
the site performs the full man