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Ref. Ares(2013)2774382 – 30/07/2013

Limited Distribution1
IAS Audit Report

Final Audit Report on
“Audit Title” in “Agency”
Agency’s Logo


This IAS Audit Report is addressed to
XXX, Director, AGENCY
XXX, Chairman of the Board, AGENCY
with copies to
XXX, Contact person, AGENCY
XXX, Director-General, DG in charge (=Tutelle) XXX, Head of Cabinet of
relevant Commissioner Mr H. HOLOLEI, Head of Cabinet of Mr S. KALLAS
Mr M. KRAFF, Director CEAD Group, ECA


This IAS Audit Report is covered by a Marking provided for by Commission Decision 2001/844/EC, which imposes a constraint on its
use and distribution. It is destined exclusively for the Services to which it has been expressly addressed and its contents should not be
communicated to other Services or third parties without the express written consent of the Internal Audit Service. Audit Reports may
contain personal data as defined in Article 2 of Regulation 2001/45 and in this context, recipients ar