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FINAL GRADE APPEAL LETTER OUTLINE Student Advocacy Office, University of Manitoba
Head of the Department (offering the course you are appealing)
Department General Office



I am appealing my final grade in…….(list course and session in which you took the course).


State the grounds and refer to supporting documentation.

Please refer to the following grounds for a grade appeal:
– miscalculation of marks
– mis-grading of paper/exam
– application of an evaluation or grading system which was not included in the course outline
– unfair or inequitable process in determining the final grade
– other…
If applicable, attach a copy of the exam you are appealing, or the course outline as supporting documentation.

Explain the problem leading to the appeal.

Explain how your exam was unfairly marked or you final grade unfairly calculated.
Try to be as specific as possible.

How will you be disadvantaged by not having the appeal granted?

How much is this (exam) worth