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Appeal Letter Guidelines
The appeal process usually involves writing a letter to the university administration. This
letter is fundamental to the success of your case! To ensure that you write a good appeal, follow
the guidelines below – but keep in mind that these are only guidelines and that the content of each
letter will vary depending on your case.
Once you have drafted your letter,
send it to the Student Rights Centre to get some feedback.

The Essentials
Make sure the following appears at the beginning of your letter:

Your name
Your student number
The date
The recipient’s contact information
Don’t know who you’re writing to?
The Student Rights Centre will direct you to the right recipient
when your letter is sent for feedback.

The Content
Here is how we recommend constructing your letter:

Paragraph 1: Reason for your letter
The very first sentence should answer the following questions: Why are you
writing and what are you asking for?
Make sure to include all pertinent informa