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April 10th, 2017
Mrs. Kristen Hopkins
Office of Financial Aid
University College
204 Street Name
City, State Zip
Dear Mrs. Hopkins,
I am Ben Brown, an incoming freshman, and I'm very much looking forward to
attending University College this fall. Thank you for the detailed financial aid
package. After my application was accepted, my family has--unfortunately-experienced an extreme setback in our financial situation.
Just a day after receiving my award information, my father lost his job. After 30
years at The Widget Factory he was unexpectedly let go. He is--was--our family's
main income provider. My mother remains employed, but she works part-time at
a minimum wage retail job. Consequently, we are suddenly unable to provide the
additional funds I'll need for outstanding tuition, books, and expenses.
It is my sincere wish to attend college this fall, and that is in jeopardy now. I'm
requesting a review of my award with consideration of these new extenuating
circumstances. Your help is