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Faculty of< ...>
Univers ity of Sydney NSW 2006
To Whom It May Concern:
Introductory paragraph – I am writing to appeal the recent decision issued on< ...> to …
State your understanding of why the Faculty made the decision. E.g. I understand the Faculty made
this decision because…
Body paragraph – Expla in your grounds for appeal and why you think the wrong decision has been made.
Re inforce whatever you want the Facu lty to consider. Consider… procedural unfairness, or that your
circumstances were not fully considered.
Explain the relevant decision / circumstances in chronological order.
E.g. on < date > my study was effec ted by <...>

I ask the Faculty to consider the following explanation of circumstances that have affected
my studies…
Include evidence to support your statement/each of
your main points.
E.g. Examples …
Decision from relevant Facu