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ZAB 12-10-09
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Yael & Gavriel Moses
2241 Rose Street
Berkeley, CA 94709
August 10th, 2009
Deborah Matthews, Chair
Zoning Adjustments Board Members
2120 Milvia Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
Rena Rickles
Susan Wengraf
Re: 1340 Arch Street; Appeal AUP; Request Zoning Adjustments Board Public Hearing

Dear Chair Matthews and Board Members:
We, as the closest and most immediately impacted by the proposed “large family day care” directly
uphill and east of us, with its outdoor play area directly under our windows, appeal the granting of the
Administrative Use Permit. We do this because the Findings are not supported by the evidence, the
Conditions do not adequately protect us from the unreasonable detriment which, under the factual
circumstances of this application, will cause unreasonable detriment to us as well as our neighbors and our
As you can see from the signatures at the end of this letter, most of our neighbors support our
appeal. Man