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SHIP Progress Annual Report Template
A final Progress Report for the prior fiscal year (FY) must be submitted to the Federal Office of
Rural Health Policy (FORHP) within 90 days of the budget period end date.
SUBMISSION LOCATION: Submit via the Electronic Handbook System (EHB), no
exceptions. If you encounter problems submitting this report, please reach out to
the EHB help Desk at 1-877-464-4772.
DUE DATE: 08/29/2019
REPORTING PERIOD: 06/01/2018-05/31/2019

What to Upload on EHB
This template, FY18_SHIP Annual Report Template, includes questions, instructions on how to
populate the FY18_SHIP Annual Report Excel Workbook, and directs readers to EHB resources.
Please read the instructions carefully as some of the questions should be addressed on this
template and others should be populated on the Excel Workbook.
On EHB, SORHs must upload two files for this deliverable: 1) FY18_SHIP Annual Report
Template and 2) FY18_SHIP Annual Report Excel Workbook.
FY18_SHIP Annual Report