Free annual report template 14Free annual report template 14Free annual report template 14
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Financial Statements For the Year Ending [DATE]
Name of Organization
(Preferred Format for Edmonton Community Services Grant Programs)

The headings that are highlighted in yellow are the minimum that the City of
Edmonton requires in a set of year end of financial statements.
These financial statements are an example of how a financial statement can be
formatted to include our minimum requirements.
This Financial Statements Sample includes explanations and definitions and is an example reporting
individual projects/programs separately.
Note: information in square brackets [XXX] is to be filled in with your information
Explanations are in round parentheses and Times Roman font (explanation)
“Current Year” is the fiscal period which was just completed
Part 1: Statement of Financial Position (also called Balance Sheet)
Part 2: Statement of Operations (also called Revenue and Expenses)
Part 3: Schedule 1 – Revenue & Expenses for each individual program or