Free annual report template 05Free annual report template 05Free annual report template 05
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IowaTown School Library
Annual Report June 20xx
The mission of the school library program is to provide an inviting, dynamic
learning environment and services that support and enhance teaching,
literacy and learning.

Using this Template

This template is intended to suggest areas that you might include in your annual report. Use it
creatively to reflect your own program style, needs and goals. Include photos that show activities
you are highlighting and web links that may help illustrate your progress. You may want to add
attachments: the State Survey, samples of student work, professional development documentation.
Share the report first with your principal, preferably in a one-on-one meeting with him/her, but also
share it with parents, colleagues and the community. Post it on your website.
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Choose five or six big events or accomplishments to substitute for these sam