Free agency agreement 49Free agency agreement 49
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Agency Agreement - Purchaser - South Dakota (Buyer Agency Agreement)
Responsible Broker and Brokerage Firm:
(hereinafter referred to as Broker)
Start Date: _____________________ Expiration Date: _______________________ at midnight. If Client enters into a purchase
agreement during the term of this agreement, the termination of this agreement shall be the date of closing under said purchase
agreement, or if the transaction does not close, the date which the parties agree to discontinue negotiating. This agreement can be
terminated with mutual written consent of the parties.
1) Creation of Agency. The Broker, as agent for the Client, negotiates and advocates on behalf of the Client, performs the terms of
any written agreement made with the client, and promotes the interest of the client with the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity.
The Client should carefully read all documents to assure that they adequately express Client’s understanding of the transaction and
protection of