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SFWA Model Author-Agent Agreement, Version 3.0
Contact : SFWA Contracts Committee -- [email protected]
May 27, 2016

The following is SFWA's model contract for use between authors and agents.
The model author-agent agreement was written by the SFWA® Contracts Committee with the
assistance of SFWA's attorney. SFWA's model contracts are written as generic guides to writers
and others in understanding common publishing contracts and to help them negotiate better
contracts. They are not intended to be and should not be used as boilerplate contracts by
publishers, writers, or agents, and any such use is not approved by SFWA. SFWA's model
contracts have been written by writers for writers, and are for educational purposes only.
As part of its ongoing efforts to educate writers about publishing contracts, the Contracts
Committee periodically writes new sample contracts or updates old sample contracts. Address
comments or suggestions to the Chair, SFWA Contracts Committee at [email protected]