Free agency agreement 46Free agency agreement 46Free agency agreement 46
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Owner/Agent Agreement

Agreement made as of the ______________day of ____________20_____.
Between _______________________________________________________________________________
Located at___________________________________________, (the (“Owner”), and __________________
________________________________ Located at _________________________________, (the “Agent”).
The Owner and the Agent agree as follows:
Article 1

Contract Documents

This Contract consists of the instant Agreement together with the General Conditions of the Contract for
Managing Agents and the Management Plan, attached hereto and made a part hereof as if fully set forth
herein. The Contract Documents shall be complementary and what is specified in any one shall be as
binding as if specified by all.
Article 2

Exclusive Agency
Owner hereby appoints Agent as the sole and exclusive management agent of Owner’s property known
as ______________________________ (the “Project”), which consists of ________ dwelling uni