Free agency agreement 42Free agency agreement 42Free agency agreement 42
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Agent/Agency Agreement
Parties; Scope. This Agent/Agency Agreement (“Agreement”) between UnitedHealthcare, Inc., United HealthCare Insurance Company
and any entity controlled by or under common control therewith (collectively, “UnitedHealthcare”) and
__________________________________________________ (“Agent”) sets forth the terms and conditions under which Agent may
sell health coverage by UnitedHealthcare, as well as ancillary, non-medical coverage (for example, life, disability, vision, and dental
coverage) sold in conjunction therewith or on a stand-alone basis.
Effective Date. This Agreement is effective as of the date it is signed by both parties, as noted on the signature page hereto (“Effective
Date”), and replaces and supersedes any prior agreement between the parties regarding the solicitation and sale of UnitedHealthcare’s
Benefit Plans (other than the solicitation and sale of Benefit Plans by UnitedHealthcare's Specialized Care Services and Ovations