Free agency agreement 41Free agency agreement 41Free agency agreement 41
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This Agreement is between Feeding San Diego (FSD) and ____

Agency Name

As a partner agency of FSD, the Agency named above agrees to comply with all FSD policies
and procedures as outlined in the current FSD Agency Capacity Handbook, including those
policies and procedures outlined in this agreement.
Partner agencies agree to:
A. Administration & Logistics
1. Ensure retention of proper licenses and permits needed to operate in accordance
with the law as required by the State of California, San Diego County and any other
government authority.
2. Ensure that it meets the IRS eligibility requirement for receipt, storage, transfer and
use of donated food under sections 170(e)(3).
3. Disclose to FSD any business interest, actual or potential conflict of interest that
may compromise public trust or cause the perception of a conflict of interest (e.g.
agency or individuals in relation to the agency operating a retail/grocery store).
4. Operate:
a. As a non-profit